Bean by Bean

Publication Date: January 15, 2012

Has there ever been a more generous ingredient than the bean? Down-home, yet haute, soul-satisfyingly hearty, valued, versatile deeply delectable, healthful, and inexpensive to boot, there’s nothing a bean can’t do—and nothing that Crescent Dragonwagon can’t do with beans. From old friends like chickpeas and pintos to rediscovered heirloom beans like rattlesnake beans and teparies, from green beans and fresh shell beans to peanuts, lentils, and peas, Bean by Bean is the definitive cookbook on beans. It’s a 175-plus recipe cornucopia overflowing with information, kitchen wisdom, lore, anecdotes, and a zest for good food and good times.

The Cornbread Gospels

Publication Date: November 22, 2007

“Cornbread? I LOVE cornbread!” For six years, that’s the response Crescent Dragonwagon got when people asked her what she was writing about. Over time, she came to understand: Not only is hot, just baked cornbread delicious, it evokes—powerfully—the heart, soul, and taste of home.

There is an abundance of satisfying cornbreads, as Crescent discovered when she followed the cornbread trail from the Appalachians to the Rockies to the Green Mountains. Traveling to family reunions, potlucks, tortilleras, stone-grinding mills, and the National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, she heard the stories, tasted the breads, learned the secrets. Join her in this overflowing cornucopia: over 200 irresistible recipes for cornbreads, muffins, fritters, pancakes, and go-withs. Cornbreads from below the Mason-Dixon line (Skillet-Sizzled Buttermilk Cornbread, Truman Capote’s Family’s Alabama Cornbread) meet those from above (Durgin-Park Boston Cornbread, Vermont Maple-Sweetened Cornbread). Southwestern offerings—Chou-Chou’s Dallas Hot Stuff Cornbread, delectable homemade tamales, and tortillas from scratch—meet internationals like India’s Makki Ki Roti. A Thanksgiving with Crescent’s Sweet-Savory Cornbread Dressing is rapturous. Desserts like Very Lemony Gorgeous Cornmeal Pound Cake make any meal exceptional.

Along with this, Crescent gives us the greens, the beans, the salads, stews, and soups that accompany cornbread to perfection. And she tells us the stories, too. Enthusiastic and heartfelt, this thoughtful, exuberant love song to America’s favorite breadstuff and all that goes with it will embrace readers and cooks everywhere.

Passionate Vegetarian

Publication Date: October 14, 2002

Introducing a new voice in vegetarian cooking. Packed with 1,000 recipes that are seductive, sexy, and utterly delicious, Passionate Vegetariancovers all the bases of meatless cooking, from east (Stir Fry of Asparagus with Black Bean-Ginger Sauce), west (Talk of the Town Barbecued Tofu), from the Mediterranean (Swiss Chard with Raisins, Onions & Olives) to the American South (Black-Eyed Pea Ragovt). You’ll find lush lasagnas; plump pierogies; bountiful burgers, beans, and breads; pleasing pasta and pies. You’ll spoon up soups and stews, and delight in desserts from simple to swoonworthy.

Written by longtime vegetarian Crescent Dragonwagon, author of Dairy Hollow House Soup & Bread Cookbook, Passionate Vegetarian employs innovative methods (try “Ri-sort-ofs,” in which risotto technique is used to create splendid, richly flavored grain dishes built around not just rice but also barley, buckwheat, spelt, and even toasted oats with an array of seasonings) and introduces lesser-known ingredients (get to know and love not just tofu and tempeh but a whole new generation of soyfoods, as well as “Quick Fixes” like instant bean flakes). Opinionated, passionate, and deeply personal, Ms. Dragonwagon’s tantalizing headnotes will have readers rushing to the kitchen to start cooking. (Can her over-the-top Garlic Spaghetti really be that good? It is.)Whether you’re a committed vegetarian, a dedicated vegan (most recipes offer low-fat and vegan options), or a food-loving omnivore in search of something new and wonderful, this is not just vegetarian cooking–but cooking, period–at its most creative, inspiring, and exuberant.

A Main Selection of Good CooksTM and One SpiritTM Book Clubs; a Featured Alternate of Quality Paperback Book ClubTM: Winner, James Beard Award, 2003; nominee, International Association of Culinary Professionals Cookbook Awards, 2002.

Dairy Hollow House Soup & Bread

Publication Date: January 5, 1992

In every traveler’s mind exists the perfect little out-of-the-way inn where the bread is always fresh-baked and the beds are downright heavenly. And where the soup is gratifying, gutsy, and downright gratifying.

Since 1981, Crescent Dragonwagon-noted children’s book author, cookbook writer, and innkeeper-has owned that perfect little inn: Dairy Hollow House in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.Distilling all her soup-making, bread-baking and salad-mixing wisdom into one book, Crescent Dragonwagon presents 200 of the recipes that have made her inn a many-time winner of the Uncle Ben’s Best Inn of the Year Award. Here are the pedigreed soups: Winter Borscht . la Vielle Russe, Cuban Black Bean Soup. Soups with a twist: Fishysoisse, Gazpacho Rosa, New World Corn Chowder. Soups to warm you up: Deep December Cream of Root Soup. And soups to cool you down: Chilled Avocado Soup, Mexique Bay, Orange Blossom Special. Plus dozens of fabulous breads, from Slightly Fanatic Whole-Grain Dream Bread to Rosemary Foccacia Dairy Hollow, and salads, including Beet and Apple Salad on Mixed Greens. Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club’s HomeStyle Books and Better Homes & Gardens Family Book Service. Over 267,000 copies in print.

 The Dairy Hollow House Cookbook

The Dairy Hollow House Cookbook: Over 400 Recipes From America's Famed Country Inn Publication Date: September 1986

5.0 out of 5 stars Fool proof, interesting, rich July 7, 2000
Amazon Review By Julie A Shaw

This book is filled with simple, proven and easy to prepare recipes which are out of this world. Each recipe is preceded by an anecdote of how the dish was invented and each dish comes with many suggestions for modification. Modifications are based on what is fresh and available during different times of the year. Incredibly easy to follow, these recipes are rich and varied. “The Salad” recipe is one of the best salads you will ever eat and takes 5 minutes to prepare and will turn out the same everytime if you just follow the simple directions. One of my favorite things about this book are the stories which precede each recipe and the fact that the recipes always, always turn out just as delicious as she describes!

The Commune Cookbook

The story behind the story

For many years I was embarrassed about this 1972 book, written when I was an intrepid teenager, attempting to live my radical, sometimes out-there, politics. Only recently have I come to peace with it, and been able to say, “Well, yeah… but it WAS the first-ever published cookbook to use the word ‘biodiversity.’ “ 

Amazon Customer Review
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great reading AND cooking February 17, 2002
By SkiBum

The author is the owner and chef of the renowned Dairy Hollow House in the Ozarks. This was her first cookbook, written when a hippie teenager in NYC (e.g., it relates experiences jumping turnstiles and shoplifting). But, even then, she was an extraordinary cook, and the recipes I’ve tried have been unfailingly delicious. The stories and anecdotes are also fascinating; this is a book to sit back and read, as well as to cook from. (Incidentally, the “commune” was a brownstone in Brooklyn, New York.)

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